Alabama Muse

Reimagining Fur Fashion

Beginning in 2020, Alice Gentilucci started on a journey that was founded on her platform of anti-animal cruelty fashion and lead her into the highly inaccessible realm of high fashion. Beginning her career in the world of celebrity styling, she quickly rose to fame and now has collaborations with several of the biggest names in photography under her belt. Debuting her latest looks on one of fashion’s biggest stages at the 2023 Fall/Winter Milan Fashion Week, Alabama Muse delivers looks inspired by classic fur fashion with several twists, the most notable of which is that all fur used in A.M.’s designs is completely synthetic. The idea that complete fur looks can be created without harming any animals is extremely revolutionizing in the world of fashion, as while there is extreme pressure on the major fashion houses around the globe, it is difficult to find a reliable source of quality synthetic fur that can keep up with the level of demand that a major fashion house has. So seeing a global brand like Alabama Muse start using and consistently use synthetic fur to create couture looks has the potential to be extremely impactful on the global fashion stage.

Alabama Muse’s Fall/Winter 2023 collection was filled to brim with bright colors displayed on slightly androgynous models providing a since of nostalgia while also giving a nod to the future of fashion. Throughout the collection, there is a sense of similarity, as all of the looks are normally focused on a coat of some sort, ranging from a more dainty petty coat to a long full length over coat. While the sense of similarity remains, there is definitely nothing boring or repetitive about this collection, as each look is filled with interesting patterns, color combinations, and textures. After a review of the collection’s premier shoot, where the lively looks are contrasted by a drab vintage farming aesthetic. The models are seen interacting with various exotic and familial animals, as well as vintage furniture. All throughout, this collection is truly an example of what unique and conscientious fashion can be.